Aplio a550

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Aplio a550

Aplio a550 integrates industry-leading imaging technologies, advanced applications and intuitive controls for the busy clinician. Designed to enhance productivity and throughput while maximizing clinical confidence, Aplio a550 is the ideal system for routine imaging departments. Its extensive selection of advanced applicatons provides confidence yuor system will meet a wide renge of clinical needs.

Mode: 2D-, 3D-, 4D-, M-mode, PW / CW Doppler, high PRF, color / power Doppler, ADF, iSMI

Scan format: Linear, convex, phased array sector, biopsy, 4D-volume, motorized TEE, endocavitary, pencil probes, active matrix

Transducer inputs: 4 & 1 (pencil)


- iBeam, Precision Imaging, ApliPure+, Differ- ential THI, TSO, ADF, Intelligent Superb Micro Vascular Imaging

- CEUS; 4D (surface, MPR, MultiView, Lumi- nance, Shadow Glass)

- FlyThru virtual endoscopy, Smart Fusion, Strain and Shearwave elastography, MicroPure, Auto IMT, AUTO NT, Wall Motion Tracking

- Advanced CEUS incl. VRI, MicroFlow imaging and CEUS quantification


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